• Defense Verdict for Defendant Insurer In Miami Dade County Uninsured Motorist Case:

    Jonathan Liss tried this case before Judge Beatrice Butchko. Plaintiff claimed to have been run off the road by a “phantom” driver. Plaintiff sustained fractures of the hand. The jury agreed with the defense argument that the plaintiff ran herself off the road, into a tree, despite the claim of a phantom driver, and returned a defense verdict.

  • Defense verdict for client of Bernstein Chackman Liss client who rear ended plaintiff, causing alleged shoulder injury requiring surgery, and alleged emergency hysterectomy:

    Jonathan Liss and Douglas De Almeida tried this case before Judge Lisa Walsh in Miami. The defendant admitted fault and the plaintiff, who had no past history of shoulder injuries, ultimately had shoulder surgery after the accident for claimed injuries. The jury found that there was no negligence of the defendant that was a legal cause of injury to the plaintiff.

  • Defense Verdict for client of Bernstein Chackman Liss who stuck motorcyclist while turning left into oncoming traffic causing serious leg injury in Miami Dade County:

    Douglas De Almeida and Jonathan Liss tried this case before Judge Norma Lindsey.  Plaintiff motorcyclist claimed that the defendant driver violated his right of way on A1A on Miami Beach and struck his motorcycle causing serious leg injuries. The jury found the accident to be the exclusive fault of the motorcyclist.

  • Jury finds minimal damages and comparative fault of plaintiff in violation of right of way case:

    Jonathan Liss tried this case on behalf of a sixteen year old motorist who turned left into oncoming traffic. The plaintiff driver sustained alleged back injury , and ultimately had lumbar fusion surgery. The jury found the plaintiff 40 percent at fault for the crash and awarded no damages for the lumbar injury or surgery. The case was tried before Judge Abby Cynamon in Miami.

  • Defense Verdict for defendant insurer who was sued for uninsured motorist benefits for claimed negligence of dump truck driver:

    Jonathan Liss tried this case in Miami before Judge Antonio Arzola. Plaintiff had back surgery allegedly related to a crash claimed to have been caused by a dump truck driver who was claimed to have allowed materials to spill from his truck, obscuring the view of a motorist. The jury found no negligence on behalf of the dump truck driver, resulting in a defense verdict for the defendant insurer.

  • No damages awarded for neck surgery and comparative fault found against plaintiff in case against Bernstein Chackman Liss client for intersectional accident:

    This case was tried by Jonathan Liss before Judge Victoria Sigler in Miami. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant ran a red light, or violated the right of way of the plaintiff. The plaintiff car had major damage. The plaintiff had multiple injections and neck surgery. The jury awarded no damages for the injections and the surgery and found the plaintiff 40 percent at fault for the crash.

  • Defense Verdict in admitted fault crash in West Palm Beach:

    Jonathan Liss tried this case before Judge Edward Fine in West Palm Beach. Bernstein Chackman Liss’ client admitted fault for the crash. The plaintiff claimed a neck injury that allegedly required surgery. The jury awarded zero damages.

  • Defense Verdict in 4 way stop case:

    Plaintiff sued client of Bernstein Chackman Liss for allegedly violating the right of way at a 4 way stop. Plaintiff had neck surgery. Defendant claimed the plaintiff was at fault and distracted by her cell phone. The jury returned a defense verdict. Case was tried in Miami before Judge Jerald Bagley.

  • Defense Verdict for UM insurer when plaintiff allegedly injured when car drives into building:

    Jonathan Liss tried this case for the defendant insurer. Fault of the  driver was admitted for driving into a building. The plaintiff was an occupant of the building. The defense proved the claimed injuries were pre existing conditions and awarded no damages. This case was tried in Miami before Judge Ronald Dresnick.

  • Defense Verdict for UM insurer in head on collision:

    Jonathan  Liss tried this case in front of Judge Ronald Dresnick in Miami. The defendant insurer was sued for negligence of a driver who died in this collision, The plaintiff sustained serious injuries. The jury concluded that the accident was caused by the exclusive fault of the plaintiff, who crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.

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